Meet Our Experts

A Nudge From ‘Mind Experts’ To Find A Better Way

Sucharita Eashwar

Founder CWE, Business Advisor

CWE Member

Mahesh Natarajan


Poorva Sampath

Music Therapist

Rashmi Ajay

Integrated Therapist

Vanitha Choudhari

Coach and Mentor

CWE Member

Parul Mallik

Life Skill Coach

CWE Member

Subha Chandrashekaran

ICF Certified Leadership Coach, Career Counsellor

CWE Member

Myna Bisineer

Certified Expressive Art Therapist, Entrepreneur, Corporate Trainer

CWE Member

How it works?

You can choose one of the two options

  1. Free - One time free counselling session - This is useful when you are not very sure where to start from, but you need someone to listen to you and guide you on if required to your suitable expert. We will schedule the experts who are available for a free talk session. These sessions are generally 45 - 60 mins
  2. Paid - If you realise you need few sessions to sort out your problems, book the expert of your choice. Once you book Mindfully Sorted team will help you with your schedule and appointments

When Should I take help

A very common question, but unfortunately no objectively correct answer. Anytime you feel you want to express and validate your feelings and thoughts, willing and open to introspect and relook at your pattern of thoughts and ways to do things, is a good time to bring in an expert to your inner circle.

Few indicative symptoms that it is time to meet someone who can help you guide through your emotions to feel better

  1. When you are feeling low, negative and trapped for more than 2-3 weeks continuously
  2. When you are trying to do things differently, but it has a repeated pattern of outcome which you are not happy about
  3. You are often losing temper, either withdrawing to a shell or bursting in anger
  4. You are unable to find meaning and purpose in your personal or profession life
  5. You are constantly physical symptoms of stress like feeling tired often, dizzy, insomnia, joint pains and lethargy
  6. You are no more happy doing things that use be fun like meeting your friends, socialising or watching movies