CWE Role Models

Information & communication technology

Radhika Patil, Co-Founder Cradlewise

CWE Incubatee whose baby cradle with smart sensors has won patents; launched in US market; received $7 million seed funding

Anitha Kanagaraj, Founder SmartStart Services

Into E-publishing and specialised ICT services, SmartStart is now working to digitise India’s voter database

Uma Balakrishnan, Founder Axcend Technologies

CWE Member whose unique AI\ML product is leading to cost and time efficiency, lower bottlenecks in manufacturing sector

Sumana Iyengar, Founder Goavega Solutions

Goavega combines the latest technologies, best practices, and global talent as a product and innovation centric engineering and design centre. Her business has been resilient to the pandemic, growing more than 22% in 2020-21 with a new product in the AI space

Sucharitha Dasireddy, Founder & CEO Kriyo

CWE Incubatee who managed pregnancy, childbirth and her start up which enabled schools to go digital; has received 1 cr seed fund

CWE Role Models

Biotech, Health & Wellness

Janani Venkatraman, Founder Biomoneta

CWE Incubatee whose device destroys microbes including Covid 19 in hospital, lab, home environments; won patents and funding

Dr Fathima Benazir, Co-Founder Azooka Lifesciences

Patented biotech innovations addressing Covid and lab test processes; has won awards, funding and global customers

Shrilakshmi Desiraju, Founder Triphase Pharma

Revolutionary patented probiotic product has won awards and global customers; on Series B funding path

Maushumi Thakurta Nag, Founder Maushui’s Wellness

Maushumi’s Wellness produces 100% vegan & natural agro based products with zero chemical preservatives. Maushumi strategized, revamped her business model and went 100% digital, positioning herself as an influencer in the field during pandemic. Providing indirect livelihood to at least 60 women farmers from North-east, she turned her business 100% in one year with the support of CWE

Shwetha Prem, Founder Siri Chaithanya

Started her business by selling 10 kg of health drinks and organic food products a month before joining CWE. Shwetha now sells 120 kg per month and is actively connected with the CWE network

CWE Role Models

Biotech, Health & Wellness

Anita Reddy, Founder Dwaraka Foundation

Reviving the art form of handpainted kalamkari and empowering communities, Anita promotes self employment for 120 artisans, mostly rural women.


Bhavna Belani, Founder Bagatella

Already an established entrepreneur in leather bags for export, Bhavna’s unique startup creates vegan leather bags and upholstery from paddy stubble. Stops animal slaughter, prevents air pollution from burning paddy waste, and pays farmers for not burning it

Saritha S S, Founder Jivan Organics

Saritha S S started this company back in 2013 when she harvested vegetables without using any chemicals. Today sales are skyrocketing at Jivan Organics with a turnover of over 2cr as customers are shifting to a more sustainable lifestyle

Kayan Motashaw, Founder Beelicious Honey

With a turnover of more than 1 crore domestic and export business, Beelicious organic honey has an unique single serve packing which is on the way to get design patent.

Preeta Chaudhuri Ghosal, Founder Wear Equal

Wear Equal is an initiative towards organic and sustainable lingerie. With CWE’s mentorship, Preeta started her sustainable journey by using the surplus organic textile from her family’s garment business to create affordable lingerie for women

CWE Role Models

Value added services

Bharathi Kamath, Founder Carewel Facilities

Growing her facilities maintenance and support services business from a INR 3 crore to a INR 50 crore company with support from CWE platform

Ratnasri Karra, Founder Her-mony

Creating a difference to financial and social structure for women through programs like Ignite, Ratnashri empowers women to take ownership of their financial lives. As a verified service provider with CWE, Ratnashri’s business has grown 3 times as an expert in the field

We are proud to work with these role models who are scaling the impact they create with their innovative products and services resulting in expanded markets/turnover, employment generation, patents, funding, and economic and environmental sustainability.