To equip entrepreneurs on how to leverage technology for success of their businesses

Access To Enabling Technology

Integrated Technology Platform for Access

The value of a single web and mobile -based platform to support small businesses to get all the information they require and buy/sell goods or services, as well as to equip themselves with required skills is essential in the digital economy. The utility of such an application is much greater in case of women entrepreneurs, as information asymmetries and limitations in technical capacities coupled with a general tendency of risk aversion tend to negatively affect their ability to grow and scale their businesses.

A  comprehensive  ‘business’ portal  is envisaged that can open  up a whole new range of opportunities for women entrepreneurs to strengthen  their access to relevant information, markets, finance, and networks, and build their  business skills and capacity. This will be a platform for entrepreneurs to network and interact for business, building go to market alliances, as well as training and eLearning.