Investing In Yourself by Ritu Mehta


When I started working for myself, I used to feel guilty even if I read a book. I thought I should be calling prospective clients or working on making my services better instead of reading this book. I believed that now onwards anything and everything I should do has to contribute in running my venture. As a result, I was anxious all the time. I felt stuck and static.

Hence came realization – There is one investment where you do not have to worry about returns and taxes. Returns are guaranteed and there are absolutely no taxes. That is investment in yourself. While you are working tirelessly on your business, you have to continue to work on yourself along with your business.

While scaling up business, owners start investing in advertising, marketing, partners, distributors and promotions. Why? Because it has been established that unless you invest, you can’t grow. We are fortunate to be in times when we are sitting on the wealth of information in the shape and form of Internet. Help is right here at your fingertips. All you need is intent to go for it.

Here are some ways that you can get started on this journey to ensure long-term happiness and long-term wealth-

  1. Address your blind spots if you think they can help in your business. If your work is to talk to your customers and partners and you are not confident of your communication style and vocabulary, then do invest in a communication course. There are plenty available around you. Find the right one which fits your schedule and specific requirement and go for it.
  2. Education doesn’t end with school and college. Become a learner for life and watch your life changing for good. Read books, blogs, your industry trends, meet experts and mentors, learn for other people and business stories. Keep your mind, eyes and ears open and learn every single day of your life. Every person and situation can teach you something new.
  3. Attend networking meets, business sessions, skill building events, seminars, workshops. Anything. Give yourself a target. One event per month or whatever works in your schedule but do step out and meet people in person and learn something new while you are at it.

How you spend your time tells you who you are. Your life doesn’t change if you don’t change things you do daily. If you change nothing, nothing will change. I get it that you have heard these ideas multiple times. But we all need reminders to keep us inspired. Inspired to act and invest.

What did you do recently to invest in yourself and your business? How many books did you read? Which new skill you acquired? How many new people you met?

Let me know. I would love to help you and hear your thoughts and comments

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