Overwhelmed with the entrepreneurial journey?


It is very natural and understandable to get overwhelmed on this way. Tiny rejections come with the territory. These rejections can be used to fuel further or allow them to bring us down. Entirely individual choice. Staying inspired is easier said than done. It is achievable if you have a strategy in place to stay inspired. You will discover that by following these and similar steps will guide you to get ahead not only in your business but also in other important areas of life.


  • Create and stay connected with your support group. They are fellow entrepreneurs who are in  the same boat as you. Join and attend meetings of startup clubs, local meet ups of your industry. CWE is a great example here. CWE offers connect with other business minded people, mentors, assistance in terms of financial guidance, business network and fun events.




  • Engage your family and friends. Don’t isolate yourself while you are on this journey. Nobody has ever achieved anything worth achieving alone. Share your goals and challenges with your loved ones. They will be more than willing to lend support in times of failures and celebrate your success. Allow them to be there and be a part of your life in their own unique ways.




  • Balanced daily routine and life in general. Starting your own business is not a good enough reason to ignore your health, hobbies, relationships and well- being. Eat well, exercise, sleep well, be there for your loved ones, spent time with them, enjoy your hobbies- kick start or continue to invest in your personal life and growth. They will give you energy and motivation to take your life to the next level. There will be days when you will have to spend more time at work and then some days you should be unplugged. Balancing each day is not possible in any field. By following these principles, you can have a sense of achievement in the long term.




  • Stay on top of your money game. This should ideally feature on the top! Having strong control on your finances, all incomes and all expenses is priceless. Even if this function is managed by co-founder, family or team member, be always on top of the financial statements. Not at high level but at all level. Especially, in the beginning years. It helps you at so many levels including how to manage your expenses better and bird’s eye view of achievement of your financial goals.



  1. Map your daily activities to final agenda. While performing daily activities, you should know how it is translating to your final to-do list. Talking to your customers? Do use this insight into framing marketing strategy and improving your product offering.

In all this, do take pauses, recognize and celebrate small wins. They are precious and light your way forward. These will make your journey worthwhile.

Having said that, one should also know when to call quits and move on. Will discuss that in the next segment. Keep watching this space and share your thoughts. Would you like to discuss some topic of your interest?  I am all ears. Keep the conversation going.

I also want to wish you my best wishes for a year filled with health and prosperity. Let there be light.

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